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Biochemistry (Moscow), Volume 82(11), 2017

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REVIEW: Modern Approaches for Identification of Modified Nucleotides in RNA

J. A. Filippova, D. V. Semenov, E. S. Juravlev, A. B. Komissarov, V. A. Richter, and G. A. Stepanov
1217/1557 [Abstract]

REVIEW: The Power and Limitations of Influenza Virus Hemagglutinin Assays N. B. Ustinov, E. G. Zavyalova, I. G. Smirnova, and A. M. Kopylov
1234/1577 [Abstract]

REVIEW: Electron Transfer through the Acceptor Side of Photosystem I: Interaction with Exogenous Acceptors and Molecular Oxygen D. A. Cherepanov, G. E. Milanovsky, A. A. Petrova, A. N. Tikhonov, and A. Yu. Semenov
1249/1593 [Abstract] [Full Article] [Reprint (PDF)]

Temperature Dependence of Tryptophan Fluorescence Lifetime in Aqueous Glycerol and Trehalose Solutions V. V. Gorokhov, P. P. Knox, B. N. Korvatovskiy, N. Kh. Seifullina, S. N. Goryachev, and V. Z. Paschenko
1269/1615 [Abstract] [Full Article] [Reprint (PDF)]

Antiinflammatory Effect of Rosiglitazone via Modulation of mRNA Stability of Interleukin 10 and Cyclooxygenase 2 in Astrocytes E. V. Pankevich, A. A. Astakhova, D. V. Chistyakov, and M. G. Sergeeva
1276/1624 [Abstract] [Full Article] [Reprint (PDF)]

Recombinant Human Erythropoietin with Additional Processable Protein Domains: Purification of Protein Synthesized in Escherichia coli Heterologous Expression System T. M. Grunina, A. V. Demidenko, A. M. Lyaschuk, M. S. Poponova, Z. M. Galushkina, L. A. Soboleva, S. A. Cherepushkin, N. B. Polyakov, D. A. Grumov, A. I. Solovyev, V. G. Zhukhovitsky, I. S. Boksha, M. E. Subbotina, A. V. Gromov, V. G. Lunin, and A. S. Karyagina
1285/1635 [Abstract] [Full Article] [Reprint (PDF)]

Biochemical Properties and Phylogeny of Hydroxypyruvate Reductases from Methanotrophic Bacteria with Different C1-Assimilation Pathways S. Y. But, S. V. Egorova, V. N. Khmelenina, and Y. A. Trotsenko
1295/1647 [Abstract] [Full Article] [Reprint (PDF)]

Self-Organization of Recombinant Membrane Porin OmpF from Yersinia pseudotuberculosis in Aqueous Environments E. V. Sidorin, V. A. Khomenko, N. Yu. Kim, P. S. Dmitrenok, A. M. Stenkova, O. D. Novikova, and T. F. Solov’eva
1304/1657 [Abstract] [Full Article] [Reprint (PDF)]

Salusin-α Attenuates Inflammatory Responses in Vascular Endothelial Cells Maryam Esfahani, Masoud Saidijam, Mohammad Taghi Goodarzi, Ahmad Movahedian, and Rezvan Najafi
1314/1670 [Abstract]

Factors beyond Enolase 2 and Mitochondrial Lysyl-tRNA Synthetase Precursor Are Required for tRNA Import into Yeast Mitochondria M. V. Baleva, M. Meyer, N. Entelis, I. Tarassov, P. Kamenski, and B. Masquida
1324/1681 [Abstract]

Cathelicidin LL37 Promotes Epithelial and Smooth-Muscle-Like Differentiation of Adipose-Derived Stem Cells through the Wnt/β-Catenin and NF-κB Pathways Yongwei Li, Zhengfei Shan, Bin Yang, Diandong Yang, Changping Men, Yuanshan Cui, and Jitao Wu
1336/1696 [Abstract]

Cell-Free Expression, Purification, and Characterization of the Functional β2-Adrenergic Receptor for Multianalyte Detection of β-Agonists Jian Wang, Yuan Liu, Junhua Zhang, Zhengzheng Han, Wei Wang, Yang Liu, Dong Wei, and Wei Huang
1346/1709 [Abstract]

Spectral-Kinetic Analysis of Recombination Reaction of Heme Centers of bd-Type Quinol Oxidase from Escherichia coli with Carbon Monoxide S. A. Siletsky, A. V. Dyuba, D. A. Elkina, M. V. Monakhova, and V. B. Borisov
1354/1718 [Abstract]

Neuroprotective Properties of Endocannabinoids N-Arachidonoyl Dopamine and N-Docosahexaenoyl Dopamine Examined in Neuronal Precursors Derived from Human Pluripotent Stem Cells E. V. Novosadova, E. L. Arsenyeva, E. S. Manuilova, L. G. Khaspekov, M. Yu. Bobrov, V. V. Bezuglov, S. N. Illarioshkin, and I. A. Grivennikov
1367/1732 [Abstract]

The Mitochondrial Genome of the Moss Brachythecium rivulare (Hypnales, Brachytheciaceae) D. V. Goryunov, M. D. Logacheva, M. S. Ignatov, I. A. Milyutina, A. V. Fedorova, and A. V. Troitsky
1373/- [Abstract] [Full Article] [Reprint (PDF)]

REVIEW: Role of microRNA in Development of Instability of Atherosclerotic Plaques I. A. Koroleva, M. S. Nazarenko, and A. N. Kucher
1380/- [Abstract]

REVIEW: Protein Poly(ADP-ribosyl)ation System: Changes in Development and Aging as well as due to Restriction of Cell Proliferation G. A. Shilovsky, S. I. Shram, G. V. Morgunova, and A. N. Khokhlov
1391/- [Abstract]