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Biochemistry (Moscow), Volume 83(12), 2018

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Juri Markovich Vasiliev – My Mentor and Friend L. B. Margolis
1433/1763 [Abstract] [Full Article] [Reprint (PDF)]

REVIEW: Cytomegalovirus Infection in Cardiovascular Diseases A. M. Lebedeva, A. V. Shpektor, E. Yu. Vasilieva, and L. B. Margolis
1437/1767 [Abstract]

REVIEW: Alterations in WNT Signaling in Leukemias T. I. Fetisov, E. A. Lesovaya, M. G. Yakubovskaya, K. I. Kirsanov, and G. A. Belitsky
1448/1779 [Abstract]

REVIEW: Common and Specific Functions of Nonmuscle Myosin II Paralogs in Cells M. S. Shutova and T. M. Svitkina
1459/1791 [Abstract]

REVIEW: Role of Epithelial-Mesenchymal Transition in Tumor Progression N. A. Gloushankova, I. Y. Zhitnyak, and S. N. Rubtsova
1469/1802 [Abstract]

REVIEW: Elimination of Senescent Cells: Prospects According to the Subtelomere-Telomere Theory G. Libertini, N. Ferrara, G. Rengo, and G. Corbi
1477/1812 [Abstract]

REVIEW: Ants as Object of Gerontological Research G. A. Shilovsky, T. S. Putyatina, V. V. Ashapkin, A. A. Rozina, V. A. Lyubetsky, E. P. Minina, I. B. Bychkovskaia, A. V. Markov, and V. P. Skulachev
1489/1827 [Abstract]

Can Aging Develop as an Adaptation to Optimize Natural Selection? (Application of Computer Modeling for Searching Conditions When the “Fable of Hares” Can Explain the Evolution of Aging) A. V. Markov, M. A. Barg, and E. Yu. Yakovleva
1504/1844 [Abstract]

An Incipient Revolution in the Testing of Anti-aging Strategies J. Mitteldorf
1517/1859 [Abstract]

REVIEW: Can Aging be Programmed? J. Mitteldorf
1524/1870 [Abstract]

Potential Markers of Autoimmune Diseases, Alleles rs115662534(T) and rs548231435(C), Disrupt the Binding of Transcription Factors STAT1 and EBF1 to the Regulatory Elements of Human CD40 Gene L. V. Putlyaeva, D. E. Demin, K. V. Korneev, A. S. Kasyanov, K. A. Tatosyan, I. V. Kulakovskiy, D. V. Kuprash, and A. M. Schwartz
1534/1895 [Abstract] [Full Article] [Reprint (PDF)]

Non-structural Functions of Hordeivirus Capsid Protein Identified in Plants Infected by a Chimeric Tobamovirus S. S. Makarova, A. V. Makhotenko, A. V. Khromov, E. V. Skurat, A. G. Solovyev, V. V. Makarov, and N. O. Kalinina
1543/- [Abstract] [Full Article] [Reprint (PDF)]

REVIEW: Application of the CRISPR/Cas System for Generation of Pathogen-Resistant Plants S. S. Makarova, A. V. Khromov, N. A. Spechenkova, M. E. Taliansky, and N. O. Kalinina
1552/- [Abstract]

REVIEW: Iatrogenic Damage of Eye Tissues: Current Problems and Possible Solutions V. E. Baksheeva, O. S. Gancharova, V. V. Tiulina, E. N. Iomdina, A. A. Zamyatnin, Jr., P. P. Philippov, E. Yu. Zernii, and I. I. Senin
1563/- [Abstract]

REVIEW: Alternate and Additional Functions of Erythrocyte Hemoglobin O. V. Kosmachevskaya and A. F. Topunov
1575/- [Abstract]

Mobile Loop in the Active Site of Metallocarboxypeptidases as an Underestimated Determinant of Substrate Specificity V. Kh. Akparov, V. I. Timofeev, I. G. Khaliullin, G. E. Konstantinova, I. P. Kuranova, T. V. Rakitina, and V. K. Švedas
1594/- [Abstract] [Full Article] [Reprint (PDF)]