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REVIEW: Y-box Binding Protein 1: Looking Back to the Future

Valentina Evdokimovaa

Ontario Institute for Cancer Research, Toronto, ON, Canada

Received August 17, 2021; Revised September 14, 2021; Accepted September 15, 2021
Y-box binding protein 1 is a member of the cold shock domain (CSD) protein family and one of the most studied proteins associated with a large number of human diseases. This review aims to critically reassess the growing number of pathological functions ascribed to YB-1 in the past decades. The focus is given on the important role of YB-1 and related CSD proteins in the physiology of normal cells. The functional significance of these proteins is highlighted by their high evolutionary conservation from bacteria to men, where they are ubiquitously expressed and involved in coordinating all steps of mRNA biogenesis, including transcription, translation, storage, and degradation. Their activities are especially important under conditions requiring rapid change in the gene expression programs, such as early embryonic development, differentiation, stress, and adaptation to new environments. Therefore, to define a precise role of YB-1 in tumorigenic transformation and in other pathological conditions, it is important to understand its basic properties and functions in normal cells, and how they are interrupted in complex diseases including cancer.
KEY WORDS: cold-shock proteins, gene expression, regulation, mRNA, mRNP, YB-1, YBX1, translation, stress adaptation, cancer

DOI: 10.1134/S0006297922140024