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REVIEW: Enzyme Stability in Systems with Organic Solvents

A. K. Gladilin and A. V. Levashov

School of Chemistry, Lomonosov Moscow State University, Moscow, 119899 Russia; fax: (095) 939-0997; E-mail: gladilin@enzyme.chem.msu.su

Received November 24, 1997
This review deals with enzyme stability in organic solvent systems. Based on the current state of the problem, catalytic activity is chosen as the main tool for testing enzyme stability. Various enzyme properties being regarded as their "stability" at present, a classification of the types of enzyme stability most often discussed in the literature is put forward. Aggregation state of the biocatalytic system formed a basis for the analysis of enzyme stability in organic solvent systems. Regularities of enzyme function in homogeneous solutions in water--organic co-solvent mixtures and suspensions in practically anhydrous solvents are discussed, kinetic data being analyzed in parallel to results of structural studies. Based on the elaborated regularities, up-to-date methods for enzyme stabilization in organic solvent systems are considered.
KEY WORDS: enzymes, organic solvents, stability, denaturation, inactivation, stabilization