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Biochemistry (Moscow), Volume 63 (1998), Number 3

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Stability and Folding of Proteins. Introduction B. I. Kurganov
245/291 [Abstract] [Full Article]

REVIEW: Knowledge-Based Potentials--Back to the Roots W. A. Koppensteiner and M. J. Sippl
247/293 [Abstract]

REVIEW: The Role of Active Site Flexibility in Enzyme Catalysis Chen-Lu Tsou
253/300 [Abstract] [Full Article]

REVIEW: Denatured States of Yeast Phosphoglycerate Kinase G. Damaschun, H. Damaschun, K. Gast, and D. Zirwer
259/308 [Abstract]

REVIEW: The Use of Fluorescence Methods to Monitor Unfolding Transitions in Proteins M. R. Eftink
276/327 [Abstract] [Full Article]

REVIEW: Local Structure and Dynamics in Proteins Characterized by Hydrogen Exchange and Mass Spectrometry D. L. Smith
285/338 [Abstract] [Full Article]

REVIEW: Stability and Co-operative Properties of Partially Folded Proteins W. Pfeil
294/349 [Abstract]

REVIEW: Dissociative Thermal Inactivation, Stability, and Activity of Oligomeric Enzymes O. M. Poltorak, E. S. Chukhray, and I. Y. Torshin
303/360 [Abstract]

REVIEW: What Ultrastable Globular Proteins Teach Us about Protein Stabilization R. Jaenicke
312/370 [Abstract] [Full Article]

REVIEW: Differential Scanning Calorimetric Studies on Myosin and Actin D. I. Levitsky, O. P. Nikolaeva, V. N. Orlov, D. A. Pavlov, M. A. Ponomarev, and E. V. Rostkova
322/381 [Abstract]

REVIEW: Chemical Modification and Chemical Cross-Linking for Protein/Enzyme Stabilization R. Tyagi and M. N. Gupta
334/395 [Abstract]

REVIEW: Enzyme Stability in Systems with Organic Solvents A. K. Gladilin and A. V. Levashov
345/408 [Abstract]

REVIEW: Deterioration of Lyophilized Pharmaceutical Proteins H. R. Costantino, S. P. Schwendeman, R. Langer, and A. M. Klibanov
357/422 [Abstract] [Full Article]

Kinetics of Heat Aggregation of Proteins B. I. Kurganov
364/430 [Abstract] [Full Article]