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REVIEW: Metal Complexes of Carnosine

E. J. Baran

Centro de Quimica Inorganica (CEQUINOR/CONICET,UNLP), Facultad de Ciencias Exactas, Universidad Nacional de La Plata, C. Correo 962, 1900-La Plata, Argentina; fax: (54) 221-4240172/4259485; E-mail: baran@dalton.quimica.unlp.edu.ar

Received November 1, 1999
The ligand properties of carnosine are analyzed. The stoichiometry, stability constants, and structural and spectroscopic characteristics of its coordination compounds with transition and representative metal cations are discussed. Mixed ligand systems containing carnosine are also presented. The biological activity of some of these metallic complexes is briefly considered.
KEY WORDS: carnosine, metal complexes, structures, stability, physicochemical properties, biological activity