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Studies that Shed New Light on Aging

H. L. Katcher

Collegiate Professor, University of Maryland, University College, USA; hkatcher@earthlink.net; hkatcher@faculty.umuc.edu

Received May 16, 2013
I will first discuss how all aging models that assume that the aged cell has irreversibly lost its youthful capabilities through such mechanisms as accumulated dysfunction, accumulated damage, and/or accumulation of toxic byproducts of metabolism have been shown to be incorrect. I will then briefly discuss models of aging and propose an experiment that would distinguish between those models and provide a basis for organismic rejuvenation.
KEY WORDS: aging, aging mechanisms, theories of aging, parabiosis, cross-age transplantation, rejuvenation, cellular aging, age-dependent transcriptional patterns

DOI: 10.1134/S0006297913090137