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Biochemistry (Moscow), Volume 84(Suppl 1), 2019

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REVIEW: Sensors for Proteolytic Activity Visualization and Their Application in Animal Models of Human Diseases

A. A. Bogdanov, Jr., I. D. Solovyev, and A. P. Savitsky
S1/- [Abstract] [Full Article] [Reprint (PDF)]

REVIEW: Live-Cell Super-resolution Fluorescence Microscopy A. S. Mishin and K. A. Lukyanov
S19/- [Abstract]

REVIEW: Near-Infrared Fluorescent Proteins and Their Applications M. M. Karasev, O. V. Stepanenko, K. A. Rumyantsev, K. K. Turoverov, and V. V. Verkhusha
S32/- [Abstract]

REVIEW: Multiparametric Time-Correlated Single Photon Counting Luminescence Microscopy V. I. Shcheslavskiy, M. V. Shirmanova, A. Jelzow, and W. Becker
S51/- [Abstract]

REVIEW: Label-Free Multiphoton Microscopy: The Origin of Fluorophores and Capabilities for Analyzing Biochemical Processes E. A. Shirshin, B. P. Yakimov, M. E. Darvin, N. P. Omelyanenko, S. A. Rodionov, Y. I. Gurfinkel, J. Lademann, V. V. Fadeev, and A. V. Priezzhev
S69/- [Abstract]

REVIEW: Examination of Collagen Structure and State by the Second Harmonic Generation Microscopy V. V. Dudenkova, M. V. Shirmanova, M. M. Lukina, F. I. Feldshtein, A. Virkin, and E. V. Zagainova
S89/- [Abstract]

REVIEW: Analysis of Collagen Spatial Structure Using Multiphoton Microscopy and Machine Learning Methods Yu. V. Kistenev, D. A. Vrazhnov, V. V. Nikolaev, E. A. Sandykova, and N. A. Krivova
S108/- [Abstract]

REVIEW: Multimodal Optical Diagnostics of Glycated Biological Tissues O. A. Smolyanskaya, E. N. Lazareva, S. S. Nalegaev, N. V. Petrov, K. I. Zaytsev, P. A. Timoshina, D. K. Tuchina, Ya. G. Toropova, O. V. Kornyushin, A. Yu. Babenko, J.-P. Guillet, and V. V. Tuchin
S124/- [Abstract]

REVIEW: Methods for Optical Skin Clearing in Molecular Optical Imaging in Dermatology A. Yu. Sdobnov, J. Lademann, M. E. Darvin, and V. V. Tuchin
S144/- [Abstract]

REVIEW: Proteasome: a Nanomachinery of Creative Destruction A. A. Kudriaeva and A. A. Belogurov
S159/- [Abstract]

REVIEW: Interleukin-17: Functional and Structural Features, Application as a Therapeutic Target O. S. Kostareva, A. G. Gabdulkhakov, I. A. Kolyadenko, M. B. Garber, and S. V. Tishchenko
S193/- [Abstract]

REVIEW: Electrophilic Signaling: The Role of Reactive Carbonyl Compounds O. V. Kosmachevskaya, K. B. Shumaev, and A. F. Topunov
S206/- [Abstract]

REVIEW: Mitophagy in Yeast D. V. Mamaev and R. A. Zvyagilskaya
S225/- [Abstract]

REVIEW: Steroidogenic Acute Regulatory Protein: Structure, Functioning, and Regulation K. V. Tugaeva and N. N. Sluchanko
S233/- [Abstract]