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Biochemistry (Moscow), Volume 87(1), 2022

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REVIEW: Structural and Functional Features of Viral Chaperonins

Lidia P. Kurochkina, Pavel I. Semenyuk, and Olga S. Sokolova
1/16 [Abstract]

Effect of DNA Methylation on the 3′→5′ Exonuclease Activity of Major Human Abasic Site Endonuclease APEX1 Anton V. Endutkin, Darya D. Yatsenko, and Dmitry O. Zharkov
10/3 [Abstract]

Focus on Molecular Functions of Anti-Aging Deacetylase SIRT3 Jarmila Nahálková
21/- [Abstract] [Full Article] [Reprint (PDF)]

REVIEW: How Justified is the Assumption of Programmed Aging in Reminiscence of Weismann’s Theories? Patrick R. Winterhalter and Andreas Simm
35/126 [Abstract]

Computer simulation of the Receptor–Ligand Interactions of Mannose Receptor CD206 in Comparison with the Lectin Concanavalin A Model Igor D. Zlotnikov and Elena V. Kudryashova
54/68 [Abstract]

REVIEW: Lability of the Nrf2/Keap/ARE Cell Defense System in Different Models of Cell Aging and Age-Related Pathologies Gregory A. Shilovsky
70/86 [Abstract]

Erratum to: Mutations in the Yeast Cox12 Subunit Severely Compromise the Activity of the Mitochondrial Complex IV Shubhojit Das, Soumyajit Mukherjee, Minakshi Bedi, and Alok Ghosh
86/- [Full Article]