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Biochemistry (Moscow), Volume 74 (2009), Issue 3

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REVIEW: Ganglioside GM3 and Its Biological Functions

N. V. Prokazova, N. N. Samovilova, E. V. Gracheva, and N. K. Golovanova
235/293 [Abstract]

MINI-REVIEW: Posttranslational Chemistry of Proteins of the GFP Family A. A. Pakhomov and V. I. Martynov
250/309 [Abstract]

Use of Buckwheat Seed Protease Inhibitor Gene for Improvement of Tobacco and Potato Plant Resistance to Biotic Stress N. V. Khadeeva, E. Z. Kochieva, M. Yu. Tcherednitchenko, E. Yu. Yakovleva, K. V. Sydoruk, V. G. Bogush, Y. E. Dunaevsky, and M. A. Belozersky
260/320 [Abstract] [Full Article] [Reprint (PDF)]

Role of Extracellular Calcium Ions at Early Stages of Human T-Lymphocyte Polyclonal Activation in vitro I. S. Litvinov, M. A. Fomichev, and M. P. Kirpichnikov
268/330 [Abstract]

Hemolytic and Anticoagulant Study of the Neurotoxin Vipoxin and Its Components—Basic Phospholipase A2 and an Acidic Inhibitor V. N. Atanasov, D. Danchev, M. Mitewa, and S. Petrova
276/339 [Abstract]

A Secreted Caspase-3-Substrate-Cleaving Activity at Low pH Belongs to Cathepsin B: a Study on Primary Brain Cell Cultures M. V. Onufriev, A. A. Yakovlev, A. A. Lyzhin, M. Yu. Stepanichev, L. G. Khaspekov, and N. V. Gulyaeva
281/346 [Abstract]

Metabolic Control Analysis of L-Cysteine Producing Strain TS1138 of Pseudomonas sp. Lihua Huai, Ning Chen, Wenbo Yang, and Gang Bai
288/355 [Abstract]

New Function of the Amino Group of Thiamine Diphosphate in Thiamine Catalysis L. E. Meshalkina, G. A. Kochetov, G. Hübner, K. Tittmann, and R. Golbik
293/362 [Abstract]

Dihydroquercetin (Taxifolin) and Other Flavonoids as Inhibitors of Free Radical Formation at Key Stages of Apoptosis Yu. A. Vladimirov, E. V. Proskurnina, E. M. Demin, N. S. Matveeva, O. B. Lubitskiy, A. A. Novikov, D. Yu. Izmailov, A. N. Osipov, V. P. Tikhonov, and V. E. Kagan
301/372 [Abstract]

Biochemical Properties of Bacillus intermedius Subtilisin-Like Proteinase Secreted by a Bacillus subtilis Recombinant Strain in Its Stationary Phase of Growth E. O. Mikhailova, A. M. Mardanova, N. P. Balaban, G. N. Rudenskaya, O. N. Ilyinskaya, and M. R. Sharipova
308/380 [Abstract]

Comparison of Transition States Obtained upon Modeling of Unfolding of Immunoglobulin-Binding Domains of Proteins L and G Caused by External Action with Transition States Obtained in the Absence of Force Probed by Experiments A. V. Glyakina, N. K. Balabaev, and O. V. Galzitskaya
316/389 [Abstract]

A Lectin from Sesbania aculeata (Dhaincha) Roots and Its Possible Function S. Biswas, A. Saroha, and H. R. Das
329/404 [Abstract]

Polyclonal Antibodies to LIM Proteins CRP2 and CRIP2 Reveal Their Subcellular Localizations in Olfactory Precursor Cells Xue Gao, Jing-Yu Sun, Zeng-Yu Cao, Ying Lin, Ding-Jun Zha, Feng Wang, Tao Xue, Li Qiao, Lian-Jun Lu, and Jian-Hua Qiu
336/412 [Abstract]

Regulation of Catalytic Activity of Acid Phosphatase by Lipids in a Reverse Micellar System E. V. Kudryashova, V. L. Bronza, and A. V. Levashov
342/420 [Abstract]