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Biochemistry (Moscow), Volume 78(1), 2013

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REVIEW: Nucleic Acids in Exosomes: Disease Markers and Intercellular Communication Molecules

O. N. Gusachenko, M. A. Zenkova, and V. V. Vlassov
1/5 [Abstract]

REVIEW: Insulin Resistance and Adipogenesis: Role of Transcription and Secreted Factors D. N. Penkov, A. D. Egorov, M. N. Mozgovaya, and V. A. Tkachuk
8/14 [Abstract]

REVIEW: Keap1/Nrf2/ARE Redox-Sensitive Signaling System as a Pharmacological Target N. K. Zenkov, E. B. Menshchikova, and V. O. Tkachev
19/27 [Abstract]

MINI-REVIEW: Regulatory Functions of Microtubules J. M. Vasiliev and V. I. Samoylov
37/48 [Abstract]

Mechanisms of Catalytic Action and Chemical Modifications of Endonucleases WEN1 and WEN2 from Wheat Seedlings L. I. Fedoreyeva and B. F. Vanyushin
41/52 [Abstract] [Full Article] [Reprint (PDF)]

Proteins of the Human 40S Ribosomal Subunit Involved in Hepatitis C IRES Binding as Revealed from Fluorescent Labeling A. A. Malygin, I. N. Shatsky, and G. G. Karpova
53/73 [Abstract] [Full Article] [Reprint (PDF)]

Charge Separation in Rhodobacter sphaeroides Mutant Reaction Centers with Increased Midpoint Potential of the Primary Electron Donor A. Yu. Khmelnitskiy, R. A. Khatypov, A. M. Khristin, M. M. Leonova, L. G. Vasilieva, and V. A. Shuvalov
60/82 [Abstract] [Full Article] [Reprint (PDF)]

Mitochondria-Addressed Cations Decelerate the Leaf Senescence and Death in Arabidopsis thaliana and Increase the Vegetative Period and Improve Crop Structure of the Wheat Triticum aestivum E. V. Dzyubinskaya, I. F. Ionenko, D. B. Kiselevsky, V. D. Samuilov, and F. D. Samuilov
68/92 [Abstract]

Mechanism of Induction of Oxidative Stress in Liver Mitochondria by Low Concentrations of tert-Butyl Hydroperoxide N. I. Fedotcheva and E. N. Mokhova
75/100 [Abstract]

Effect of Potential-Dependent Potassium Uptake on Calcium Accumulation in Rat Brain Mitochondria O. V. Akopova, L. I. Kolchinskaya, V. I. Nosar, V. A. Bouryi, I. N. Mankovskaya, and V. F. Sagach
80/106 [Abstract]

Localization of Non-native D-Glyceraldehyde-3-Phosphate Dehydrogenase in Growing and Apoptotic HeLa Cells E. I. Arutyunova, L. V. Domnina, A. A. Chudinova, O. N. Makshakova, D. Y. Arutyunov, and V. I. Muronetz
91/118 [Abstract]

Investigation of Activity of Recombinant Mengovirus RNA-Dependent RNA Polymerase and Its Mutants G. S. Shatskaya, V. L. Drutsa, O. N. Koroleva, I. A. Osterman, and T. M. Dmitrieva
96/124 [Abstract]

Human Gastrin-Releasing Peptide Triggers Growth of HepG2 Cells through Blocking Endoplasmic Reticulum Stress-Mediated Apoptosis Xinqiu Li, Litang Zhang, Xianzhu Ke, and Yuming Wang
102/131 [Abstract]