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Biochemistry (Moscow), Volume 79(9), 2014

Special Issue — Editor Prof. E. S. Nadezhdina

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Logistics in the Cell: Cargoes and Transportation

E. S. Nadezhdina
847/1059 [Abstract] [Full Article] [Reprint (PDF)]

REVIEW: The Role of Motor Proteins in Signal Propagation F. K. Gyoeva
849/1061 [Abstract] [Full Article] [Reprint (PDF)]

Characterization of Rabaptin-5 γ Isoform E. V. Korobko, S. L. Kiselev, and I. V. Korobko
856/1070 [Abstract] [Full Article] [Reprint (PDF)]

REVIEW: Receptor-Mediated Endocytosis and Cytoskeleton E. S. Kornilova
865/1079 [Abstract] [Full Article] [Reprint (PDF)]

REVIEW: Interaction of Early Secretory Pathway and Golgi Membranes with Microtubules and Microtubule Motors A. I. Fokin, I. B. Brodsky, A. V. Burakov, and E. S. Nadezhdina
879/1095 [Abstract] [Full Article] [Reprint (PDF)]

REVIEW: Specific Organization of Golgi Apparatus in Plant Cells M. S. Vildanova, W. Wang, and E. A. Smirnova
894/1110 [Abstract] [Full Article] [Reprint (PDF)]

Dynamic Phase Microscopy Reveals Periodic Oscillations of Endoplasmic Reticulum during Network Formation T. V. Vyshenskaya, V. P. Tychinsky, D. G. Weiss, and S. A. Kuznetsov
907/1124 [Abstract] [Full Article] [Reprint (PDF)]

REVIEW: Intracellular Transport Based on Actin Polymerization S. Yu. Khaitlina
917/1135 [Abstract] [Full Article] [Reprint (PDF)]

REVIEW: Use of Intracellular Transport Processes for Targeted Drug Delivery into a Specified Cellular Compartment A. A. Rosenkranz, A. V. Ulasov, T. A. Slastnikova, Y. V. Khramtsov, and A. S. Sobolev
928/1148 [Abstract] [Full Article] [Reprint (PDF)]

REVIEW: Plasticity of tumor cell Migration: acquisition of new properties or return to the Past? A. Y. Alexandrova
947/1169 [Abstract] [Full Article] [Reprint (PDF)]

REVIEW: Role of Microtubule Cytoskeleton in Regulation of Endothelial Barrier Function I. B. Alieva
964/1188 [Abstract] [Full Article] [Reprint (PDF)]