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Biochemistry (Moscow), Volume 62 (1997), Number 11

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To Our Readers V. P. Skulachev
1179/1379 [Full Article]

Mortality and Immortality at the Cellular Level. A Review L. Hayflick
1180/1380 [Abstract] [Full Article]

Aging is a Specific Biological Function Rather than the Result of a Disorder in Complex Living Systems: Biochemical Evidence in Support of Weismann's Hypothesis V. P. Skulachev
1191/1394 [Abstract] [Full Article]

The Telomere and Telomerase: Nucleic Acid--Protein Complexes Acting in a Telomere Homeostasis System. A Review E. H. Blackburn
1196/1400 [Abstract] [Full Article]

Telomerase Is a True Reverse Transcriptase. A Review T. R. Cech, T. M. Nakamura, and J. Lingner
1202/1407 [Abstract] [Full Article]

Telomerase Is an Unusual RNA-Containing Enzyme. A Review S. S. Dokudovskaya, A. V. Petrov, O. A. Dontsova, and A. A. Bogdanov
1206/1411 [Abstract] [Full Article]

Synthesis of the Telomeric C-Strand. A Review C. M. Price
1216/1423 [Abstract] [Full Article]

Plant Telomeres and Telomerases. A Review T. D. McKnight, M. S. Fitzgerald, and D. E. Shippen
1224/1432 [Abstract] [Full Article]

Saccharomyces cerevisiae Telomeres. A Review F. E. Pryde and E. J. Louis
1232/1442 [Abstract] [Full Article]

Telomere Functions. A Review E. V. Kurenova and J. M. Mason
1242/1453 [Abstract] [Full Article]

Immortalized Cells with No Detectable Telomerase Activity. A Review R. R. Reddel, T. M. Bryan, and J. P. Murnane
1254/1467 [Abstract] [Full Article]

Genetic Changes Associated with Immortalization E. L. Duncan and R. R. Reddel
1263/1477 [Abstract] [Full Article]

DNA Reorganization and Biological Aging. A Review H. D. Osiewacz and A. Hamann
1275/1491 [Abstract] [Full Article]

Telomere DNA Sequences and the Concept of Ontogenetic Reserve Cells D. M. Spitkovsky
1285/1503 [Abstract] [Full Article]

The Kinetics of Senescence in Retinal Pigmented Epithelial Cells: a Test for the Telomere Hypothesis of Ageing? V. Rawes, D. Kipling, I. R. Kill, and R. G. A. Faragher
1291/1510 [Abstract] [Full Article]

Blockade of Telomerase Function by Nucleoside Analogs Y. E. Yegorov, D. N. Chernov, S. S. Akimov, A. K. Akhmalisheva, Y. B. Smirnova, D. B. Shinkarev, I. V. Semenova, I. N. Yegorova, and A. V. Zelenin
1296/1516 [Abstract] [Full Article]

Critical Telomere Shortening Regulated by the Ataxia--Telangiectasia Gene Acts as a DNA Damage Signal Leading to Activation of p53 Protein and Limited Life-Span of Human Diploid Fibroblasts. A Review H. Vaziri
1306/1528 [Abstract] [Full Article]

Telomere-Binding Protein from the Nuclear Envelope of Oocytes of the Frog Rana temporaria E. A. Bugaeva and O. I. Podgornaya
1311/1534 [Abstract] [Full Article]

Telomerase: a Promising Marker of Biological Immortality of Germ, Stem, and Cancer Cells. A Review A. K. Meeker and D. S. Coffey
1323/1547 [Abstract] [Full Article]

Regulation Mechanisms of Mammalian Telomerase. A Review F. Ishikawa
1332/1558 [Abstract] [Full Article]

Information 1339/1567 [Full Article]
Attention to Authors and Readers 1340/1568 [Full Article]