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Biochemistry (Moscow), Volume 63 (1998), Number 7

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Biological Role of Nitric Oxide: History, Modern State, and Perspectives for Research A. F. Vanin
731/867 [Abstract] [Full Article]

REVIEW: The Versatile and Complex Enzymology of Nitric Oxide Synthase A. C. F. Gorren and B. Mayer
734/870 [Abstract] [Full Article]

REVIEW: Competition Involving Biogenic NO A. A. Nedospasov
744/881 [Abstract] [Full Article]

REVIEW: Inducible Nitric Oxide Synthase in the Liver: Regulation and Function B. S. Taylor, L. H. Alarcon, and T. R. Billiar
766/905 [Abstract] [Full Article]

REVIEW: Dinitrosyl Iron Complexes and S-Nitrosothiols Are Two Possible Forms for Stabilization and Transport of Nitric Oxide in Biological Systems A. F. Vanin
782/924 [Abstract] [Full Article]

REVIEW: Role of Soluble Guanylate Cyclase in the Molecular Mechanism Underlying the Physiological Effects of Nitric Oxide I. S. Severina
794/939 [Abstract] [Full Article]

REVIEW: The Role of Nitric Oxide Chemistry in Cancer Treatment D. A. Wink, Y. Vodovotz, J. A. Cook, M. C. Krishna, S. Kim, D. Coffin, W. DeGraff, A. M. Deluca, J. Liebmann, and J. B. Mitchell
802/948 [Abstract] [Full Article]

REVIEW: Oxidant--Nitric Oxide Signalling Mechanisms in Vascular Tissue M. S. Wolin, C. A. Davidson, P. M. Kaminski, R. P. Fayngersh, and K. M. Mohazzab-H.
810/958 [Abstract] [Full Article]

REVIEW: Apoptotic Cell Death and Nitric Oxide: Activating and Antagonistic Transducing Pathways B. Brüne, K. Sandau, and A. von Knethen
817/966 [Abstract] [Full Article]

REVIEW: Overproduction of Nitric Oxide in Pathophysiology of Blood Vessels J.-C. Stoclet, B. Muller, R. Andriantsitohaina, and A. Kleschyov
826/976 [Abstract] [Full Article]

Interactions Between Nitric Oxide and Cytochrome P-450 in the Liver O. Khatsenko
833/984 [Abstract] [Full Article]

REVIEW: Stress, Adaptation, and Nitric Oxide I. Yu. Malyshev and E. B. Manukhina
840/992 [Abstract] [Full Article]

REVIEW: Nitric Oxide and Oxygen Radicals in Infection, Inflammation, and Cancer H. Maeda and T. Akaike
854/1007 [Abstract] [Full Article]

REVIEW: Nitric Oxide in Mechanisms of Brain Damage Induced by Neurotoxic Effect of Glutamate V. G. Bashkatova and K. S. Rayevsky
866/1020 [Abstract] [Full Article]

REVIEW: NO-Synthase and Nitrite-Reductase Components of Nitric Oxide Cycle V. P. Reutov and E. G. Sorokina
874/1029 [Abstract] [Full Article]